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Pursuing Satisfaction in Photography.


A little while ago I started pursuing photography as a serious hobby. Like many things I take on I became quite serious about it and after a couple years began to drive myself with a strong degree of focus (hard to avoid these unintentional puns 🙂 ).

Listening to the waves.

The problem with this degree of commitment, for me, is that often what was the hobby begins to feel like work. This is particularly the case for me today as I have begun to achieve a modest degree of exposure (here I go again 🙂 ) and feel the pressure to produce.

A few mornings ago, on a quest to get my daily photo as early as possible, I stopped by the seawall to see if I could get yet another photo out of a gnarled tree trunk that washed up on the shore. The air was cool and moist, the sun not yet burning away the gentle seawall breeze. There had been rain sometime earlier and the air smelled clean and fresh.


I had the simplest camera in my hand, a Panasonic GF3 with the 14mm prime lens. They don’t get simpler to point and shoot than this. As I was looking around for a shot I realized how idyllic the entire scene was and began to feel a deep sense of satisfaction at being there at that moment. Had it not been for my drive to get a daily photo I would likely have been in my office beginning the process of answering emails.

Thankfully, I enjoyed a few minutes taking in the scenery and unfortunately not spending enough time composing my photo. But as I stood there thinking about how much pressure I had been putting on myself recently to get a good photo, I remembered why I took on this hobby in the first place, and relaxed.

So here’s the photo I ended up with.

Wet Rocks.

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  1. Michael C. Lam says: August 2, 2012

    This is a good blog post! simple, with a clear point and quite nicely written 🙂 I think that I know how you feel, I’ve been thinking that my photography has been regressing, and that its time to re-focus my thoughts and aims… no pun intended 🙂


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