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Shooting with Friends.

I think almost without exception, all of the best photos I’ve ever taken have been taken when out with friends. I haven’t made any formal study of this, but certainly all of the photos that I can best remember have been. I’ve only been seriously taking photos for a few years now, since about 2006 but it seems like I can remember the first photo to really strike my fancy.


Kingston Foreshore

This was taken on the 11th February, 2007 when Naseem, Andre and I decided we had to do something with our cameras other than take photos of things immediately around us.


3 years ago (Michael had to work).

We had quite a good time and got great images.

We repeated the trip just a week later, and again a few months later and this was the beginning of regular walkabouts with the primary objective being to take photographs. In the early stages it was as much about company as it was about taking photos.

The true genesis, if any, is in our days at UG. Photography was simply another way for us to connect and share time. Eventually, of course, it became more of a serious exercise for Michael and I. Andre and Naseem do take it seriously, but it is not as much a part of their daily routine.

The point of this is, generally speaking, when we go out as a group, even if that group is only 2 of us, we seem to take better pictures.


Kaieteur in B&W

It isn’t as simplistic as saying that we inspire each other, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that we tend to go to more interesting places together than when we are alone. But I believe that together, the camaraderie between us makes us better at photography together, than as individuals.

Andre has now left us permanently, so for the first time in nearly 20 years there is one of us who can’t be called for company when we decide to go somewhere. It may well be that he has gone to make a better life for himself and his family, but on a purely selfish level, it means that a friend who I have counted on for so many different things over the years, not least of which has been great photographs, is not going to be available anymore.

Last year I needed to get a few photos to include in a photo album I was getting for a discounted price, I called on Andre and Michael.


Sprite on Water.

Andre and I (among others) went to Kaieteur overland and I got great photos.


Johnson's View

We went to Berbice and I got great photos.


Colourful Decay.

I’ll still get great photos without him here, and the point of all of this isn’t that I can’t take great photos without my friends’ company, but somehow it just seems much easier when they are around, and in my opinion, the photos are just a little greater. For this and too many other reasons to count (drinking a cold beer in Ogle, using a screwdriver as a tent peg, threatening to climb on the roof of the vehicle to get a good picture, nearly falling off the Kaieteur Falls) I’ll miss the lunatic.

The Lunatic.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Michael Lam says: October 18, 2010

    Nicely put Nik, nicely put!
    An older saying goes “Food tastes better when eaten among friends”, I guess the same goes for photography sometimes. I’ve often read that photography is a lonely artform, most photographers are loners, but some of us do better among others of a same spirit.

  2. Annie says: October 21, 2010

    The Pic ‘Lunatic’ would have been perfect in here:)

    • admin says: October 22, 2010

      Thanks Annie, I took your suggestion 🙂

  3. Sarah says: November 6, 2010

    I only just spotted this- a poignant entry, especially followed by nearly three weeks of silence. Times a’changin are hardest when you don’t control the changes… But don’t stop pontificating; Andre would be gutted to be the unwitting bringer of discouragement!

  4. vignesh TG says: December 20, 2010

    the black white photos in this post are awesome
    the first one and the sprite on water have a great compo and contrast


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