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The Week in Review.

I want to do something new from this week; a review of the images I have taken from the preceding Sunday to Saturday. If I’m to be honest, this is really a way for me to have something regular to post on the blog, particularly for those weeks when I am a bit literaryly challenged. I hope to post these reviews on Saturday or Sunday each week.

(remember, click any photo to see it larger on my photo site)

Sunday 29th August

Clothes Dryer.

This one was inspired in a strange way. I had been reading a post on a site I check fairly regularly. The post was suggesting a few ways to keep being inspired to take regular photographs. At this point, having posted 240 photos for the year in my quest to take a photo a day, I was fairly familiar with the suggestions made in the post, but the photos used to illustrate the post provided my inspiration.

There was a photo of a library. I immediately noticed that my own modest bookshelf was lit by the most beautiful, golden late afternoon light. As I was going downstairs to get the camera I noticed that same light falling on some cord strung across our stairs to hang clothes during the rain that had blessed us a little earlier. The light and shadows, and the lines created by the crossing cord and straight balusters immediately caught my eye and was clearly a better scene to photograph than the bookcase. The bookcase has unfortunately been relegated to another day πŸ™‚

Monday 30th August

This is how I do it.

On Monday Mike and I went looking for pictures up the East Coast. We saw lots of potential, but decided to drive out to the seawall at Montrose Village, just opposite Starlite Drivein Cinema. I like taking photos of the fishing boats moored near various places on the coast, and I wasn’t disappointed. There were lots of boats, but I just couldn’t get the right composition. As we were heading back to the vehicle we looked back and saw this tableau. The fisherman was casting his net into a canal which was draining out to the sea through the koker on the left. Pure serendipity had the other man bent over looking intently.

Unfortunately, I was a fair distance away and had only my wide zoom on the camera, so this is fairly heavily cropped to about 1/3rd of the original.

Tuesday 31st August


The only good news.

On Tuesday I dumped the accumulated newspapers of a couple weeks in the bin and noticed the interesting lines the folded edge created. As it turned out, I didn’t manage to take any other photos on Tuesday, so the old news is what I ended up with.

I usually like to use a narrow aperture to deepen the depth of field and perceived sharpness of an image, but in this case I slapped on my FA50 1.4 lens and shot wide open. This lens is very soft wide open, and low contrast. And that is precisely the look I was trying to achieve. It didn’t end up being a low contrast shot, because it was a fairly high contrast scene, but I do like the softer effect I achieved.

Wednesday 1st September


Green shadow.

My first colour image of the week and its still a monochrome, sort of πŸ™‚ Mike and I went to upper Brickdam to do some photos. On Tuesday on the way back to work I’d spotted a few interesting prospects and had decided to make a return to the spot. As it turned out we walked less than 100 feet and I ended up with 48 photos, a significant number of them “keepers”. For once I didn’t post my favourite picture as the photo of the day. My actual favourite was this one.

Thursday 2nd September


Having had such a good result in just a short stretch on Brickdam I decided to make another try starting from where we left off the preceding day. It wasn’t as compelling for me as the day before and we went over to Hadfield Street. These bollards were the first thing to catch my eye. Hard to miss in those colours.

Mike got a very nice shot of it, have a look here. I am more than a little jealous that I didn’t see that shot first πŸ™‚

Friday 3rd September



On FridayΒ  moved by the need to do something I hadn’t done recently, i.e., get out on the street and do some street photography, I managed to convince Mike and off we went. I took off the battery grip from my camera and attached my 21mm Pentax Limited prime lens to make the camera seem as small as possible and much less intimidating.

The 21mm lens is a “pancake” lens; tiny and jewel like and oh so sharp. On a cropped frame sensor like my K7’s it works out to roughly a 32mm focal length, a nice wide normal. Just about perfect for street photography.

The gentleman who graces my daily photo is a person I’ve seen around Georgetown quite often. In a city of colourful characters, he is always hard to miss. I usually see him while driving past and I cannot tell you how pleased I was to spot him during my walk. He is always sharply dressed in his shirt and tie, and wearing those sunshades. I had the worse attack of the flu on this day, but this honestly made it a good day in my book.

Saturday 4th September


Lock up tight.

Weekends have become the hardest days for me to get my picture. I’ve lost the practice I had at the beginning of the year; finding suitable subjects to take photos of inside the home. And unlike some of the friends I’ve found doing similar year long photo a day projects, I don’t seem to have the creativity to create interesting scenes to photograph.

This suggests an obvious gap which I need to fill. I didn’t start this project in order to get better at one thing, but to improve my photography generally.

Anyway, this weekend was not tough finding photos at all. I got out of the house and went into town and had my poor wife hanging around in some questionable spots while I got my photography on. This particular building is probably known to Guyanese or every age and creed. Particularly the older ones. It was once THE place to get your medications. Fitting closing photo for the week.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Michael Lam says: September 6, 2010

    That’s a nice review Nik, I think that this gives a very nice overall view of the week, that I have never really seen by going through them day-to-day, there is a nice diversity to the images!

  2. Sasi says: September 7, 2010

    I like this post with “past” weeks photo reviews – although I would much prefer with the idea of photos and review side-by-side (that kind of gives the readers/viewers to see your thought process for any given photo post). That’s my opinion πŸ˜‰

    But I admire your writing skills besides photography. It would be hard for me to imagine to go back and review my photos from past week – that would be a project by itself.

  3. Mike Hazelwood says: September 9, 2010

    Just shared your blog on Stumbleupon and my Twitter site too.:)


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